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 Zero Defrost

Our ERV technology has been designed to require ZERO defrost until -11C/10F . This threshold for defrost is far below the industry average. No other HRV or ERV can operate down to these temperatures without recirculating stale air or providing defrost.


The UltimateAir ERV will transfer roughly 50% of humidity from one air stream to the other. Meaning occupants will not experience the dry interior conditions created by winter air. The opposite is true when summer humidity is high – as an HRV will draw 100% of this humidity indoors. UltimateAir transfers 50% of this moisture back to the exterior, reducing Air Conditioning loads while maximizing comfort.

Humidity Balance

UltimateAir is the best solution for stabilizing interior humidity. An HRV gives you ZERO control with a greater reliance on other sources of humidification or removal. The UltimateAir humidity balance has been carefully developed to maintain the integrity of the building structure along with a comfortable level of indoor humidity.

Dedicated to Sustainable Living and Conservation

Recovery ventilation with a heat recovery efficiency of 99% is the result of over 25 years of perfecting our patended heat exchanger technology. We want super efficient ventilation for our own families as much as anyone. Our engineering & development team is proud of the quality high performance products we make here in the USA. Today it is possible to build airtight & have a fresh, comfortable living space. UltimateAir has a proven record in many benchmark green buildings throughout North America and around the globe.


Welcome to a world of Comfort, Reliability, & Sustainable Living.

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