Customer Reference | Rich Backus

This is a brief note, simply to say that I think you are doing great work.  The team you have assembled there, your pioneering efforts with ventilation efficiencies here in the US, are truly admirable. 

Some days it may seem like the headwinds are awfully strong - the resistance to intelligent, superior ventilation technologies.  But change is happening, even if not as quickly as we'd like.

With Timber Ridge, we are small residential design/ build firm.  Since learning of your systems in the Passive House training, we have worked to convince every owner - whether committed to PH or not - to ventilate using your systems.  We are awaiting delivery of our first Ultimate Air residential ERV from your team shortly, and we are specifying your ERV in each new home we design now.

- Rich Backus, Certified Passive House Consultant; Timber Ridge Craftsmen, Inc.

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