UltimateAir RecoupAerator® Standard Features

The Only Ventilation System with All of these features:

  • MERV 12 Filtration
  • EconoCool™ – Brings in cool filtered air in the summer – A/C required less often
  • Brushless Motor Technology – EC Motors Perform efficiently & quietly
  • Filter Alert – Automatically signals you when it’s time for filter service
  • Adjustable Fan Speed – Variable Range of air flow to perfectly match fresh air requirements
  • Made in The USA.




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Benefits of UltimateAir®



  • Easiest whole-house ERV to install and maintain with Duct Kits Available
  • Delivers continuous, fresh, healthy air
  • Exhausts pollutants to improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Saves money on ventilation by recovering up to 99% of building heat energy
  • Maintains consistent indoor humidity
  • Lowest Cost-of-Ownership
  • Reduced HVAC system wear – extends service life