Ventilation Boost Timer

Because it is a common need to increase WattStopper Timerventilation when certain polluting activities are occurring in the house, UltimateAir has designed a control that can automatically respond when a higher level of air flow is necessary.

Among the many features that make the RecoupAerator the best solution for whole-house air filtration/ventilation, the optional ventilation timer includes interval time settings to provide full flow ventilation when the air flow is otherwise low or off.

Use the timer to send the unit into max air flow simply by selecting a preferred time. The unit will automatically respond and move into max flow setting no matter which setting it was previously on.

Timer Features

  • Boost: Use the timer to provide a one-shot boost of air based on a countdown timer. The timer is programmed to count down from a set interval, and then return to normal operation as set on the unit wall control.

The timer makes its best use in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Due to moisture and oftentimes poor ventilation, these areas be the most susceptible to mold and other air pollutants, and require an elevated air exchange rate periodically. With the timer you can ensure this happens with minimal effort required from you.

Learn more by visiting our library and downloading the Timer Manual.