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Functions and Effectiveness:

Bathrooms, because of shower use, are most susceptible to excessive moisture and are therefore the most common area for Dehumidistat installation.

When bathroom humidity levels are undesirable due to excessive moisture the Dehumidistat option boosts the RecoupAerator’s airflow until the humidity drops to the desired level.

After the Dehumidistat accomplishes its goal, the RecoupAerator® returns to the setting on the wall control knob.

A Dehumidistat installation is only necessary if areas are prone to excessive moisture. It is not to serve as a whole house dehumidifier. 

However, the RecoupAerator® whole-house ventilation system, with its high moisture transfer capabilities, assists in modulating humidity in a home -- leaving a percentage of humidity outside in the summer and not drying out the home in the winter.

Learn more about this add-on for your RecoupAerator by downloading our Dehumidistat manual.