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Duct Kit ....ER80M

Duct Kit.....200DX



Make setting up your UltimateAir Whole House Ventilation System a breeze. Our ducting kits are the most affordable way to get started. Versatile and optimized for maximum performance. The ducting kits may be customized on-site for ease of use with any construction type. Kits come with all UL rated ducting, connectors, tape, & vents necessary to optimize & distribute fresh air within your home or business. Specify for the new ER80M or our 200DX models.





Heat Transfer Core Filter (“Pies”)Replacement_Filters    

UltimateAir's patented Heat Exchange/Filter Wheel contains six removable core filtration “pies”, and periodically need to be replaced. Filter sets which have become frayed or have lost their firm fit into the wheel should be replaced. A full replacement set is $89.00 + applicable shipping fees. Our customer service team can be reached at 740-594-2277 or toll free 800.535.3448



Ventilation Timerdescribe the image

Timer Manual

The Boost Timer is best used in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Use the timer to provide a "one-shot" boost of air. The timer is programmed to count down for a set interval, and then return to normal operation as set on the RecoupAerator flow control.



Defrost/Space Heaters warmflo 2016.png

1kW Duct Heat Manual

2.5kW Duct Heat Manual

CSA approved Canadian Thermolec Duct Heater

Highly recommended in cold weather climates where outside temperatures remain below 10°F for an extended number of days. The ReoupAerator is designed to automaticaly shutdown at around 10°F (-12°C) to prevent frost from forming on internal parts. An electric heater is used for frost prevention or as a space heater.        Available in 1kW and 2.5kW


Pressure Control Transmitter     product_img_739_480x396

Pressure Control Manual                     




This Pressure Transmitter option enables the 200DX to continuously and automatically maintain the indoor/outdoor pressure differential target of 2.5Pa max, dependent on the air tightness of your home or building.

This pressure device is not intended for compenstaing for make-up air conditions, but rather provides greater control over reletive building pressure. A balanced or slightly positive indoor air pressure will minimize the amount of harmful contaminants (both harmful for occupants and the structure). Using the pressure transmitter option is an effective method to prevent mold growth inside the wall cavities and the building structure.

When using the Pressure Controller, sudden changes in pressure will not cause instantaneous changes in flow.The BAPI Pressure Controller tracks and records indoor/outdoor pressure changes over 10 minute intervals to make the necessary adjustments to airflow in 8CFM steps.

Note: The UltimateAir 200DX comes default with the ability to off-set air flows up to 60CFM. Please see the 200DX manual for more information about flow offsets.


12” Water-to-Air Coil ModuleWTAC 2013 1

Water Coil Manual

Fine Home Building article-Connecting a Water Coil to an ERV

The 12” Water to Air Coil Module is designed for use as a heating or cooling, fluid to air heat exchanger that can be placed before or after the RecoupAerator in the incoming fresh air stream. When installed before the RecoupAerator, the module acts as a pre heater or cooler, and dehumidifier before the air enters the RecoupAerator. When installed after the RecoupAerator, the module can be used to heat or cool the space.

High Performance Circulation Pump

High Performance Circulation Pump - Grundfos Alpha

Grundfos Alpha Pump Manual

General circulation pump for use with the 12” Water To Air Coil and other applications.

Pump Temperature Control by Tekmarimage tekmar 152

Pump Controller Manual

Pump controller with Dual temperature set point for use with 110vac water circulation pump and water-to-air coil.


CO2 Ventilation Boost


CO2 Manual SenseAir

CO2 Manual Ventostat

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor Switch automatically boosts RecoupAerator® to high speed to bring in more fresh air when CO2 levels become elevated. This switch must be installed in a location where carbon dioxide levels may be a concern, such as areas where people gather or where a significant time is spent.


Occupancy SensorPECO-SA200-web-image.jpg

Motion Control Manual

Increasing Ventilation only when the space is occupied can improve overall
building efficiency. Excellent for bathroom exhaust control.


Honeywell Dehumidistat

Honeywell Dehumidistat

Dehumidistat Manual

The Dehumidistat helps to lower room humidity when the outside air is dryer than indoors. The Dehumidistat can be used to adjust indoor humidity levels by boosting the RecoupAerator®to maximum airflow. Pool Rooms and Bath areas may benefit most of all with the use of the Dehumidistat. When lowering the indoor humidity is desirable, set the Dehumidistat dial at a comfortable level and the control will automatically Boost the ventilation rate to lower indoor humidity.  After the humidity drops below the set point, the flow rate will return to the RecoupAerator® flow dial setting. The Dehumidistat overrides the Off position of the RecoupAerator® flow dial.

Ceiling Mount Kit

Ceiling kit 3D 200 and kit

Ceiling Kit Manual

The Ceiling Mount Kit comes with all the necessary hardware to suspend your RecoupAerator® below an overhead mounting surface (typically floor joists).

Exterior Vent Termination Kit

Wall Termination Kit

Exterior Vents for 200DX cutsheet

The Wall Termination Kit sets includes vent hoods (2) and dampers (2) to extend through exterior walls. The hoods are fabricated aluminum, with 1/8” screen mesh, and barometric butterfly dampers as a separate piece. Both 6” and 8” kits are available with custom sizes also available.

Seiho Diffusers and Hoods

UA Part No. Description  
9078 6" Alum Outdoor VentLouver, Anodized with screen Alum VentLouver
9086 7" Alum Outdoor VentLouver, Anodized with screen
9087 8" Alum Outdoor VentLouver, Anodized with screen

4" Adjustable Plastic Grille, White (Exhaust, Stale Take-out)

Adjustable Plastic Grille

6" Adjustable Plastic Grille, White (Exhaust, Stale Take-out)


3" Air Adjustable Plastic Vent (recommended for Fresh Air In)

Air Adjustable Plastic Vent

4" Air Adjustable Plastic Vent (recommended for Fresh Air In


6" Air Adjustable Plastic Vent (recommended for Fresh Air In

9084 4" Mini Ceiling Diffuser, Anodized Mini Ceiling Diffuser
9085 6" Mini Ceiling Diffuser, Anodized
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