200DX Manual  *Updated August, 2018*

200DX Manual *Older Systems

200DX Euro Manual

ER80M Manual  *Updated August, 2018*

Lite Commercial 2000DX Manual


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Performance Data & Spec

200DX ERV Spec Submittal *Updated Nov 15, 2017*

200DX ERV Performance & Efficiency  (Third Party Data)

ER80M ERV Spec Submittal *Updated Nov 15, 2017*

ER80M ERV Performance & Efficiency (Third Party Data)


Commercial 2000DX Spec Submittal


Passive House & UltimateAir



Ducting Options Guide

Comparison of Ventilation Products

10 Reasons for Building Ventilation

Brochure for Customers

Brochure for Dealers and Sales

Kitchen Make-Up Air and Passive House

Ventilation and Humidity



Manuals for Accessories

Bath Boost Timer/WattStopper for the RecoupAerator

Dual Function Timer (replaced by WattStopper 2012)

CO2 Sensor Control SenseAir (current model 2016)

CO2 Sensor Control Ventostat manual

Motion Control for 200DX

Ducting Kit ER80M ERV  *New 2017 *
Ducting Kit 200DX ERV   *New 2019 *
Exterior Hood Vent Kits

Pressure Control Transmitter by BAPI

Duct Heater WarmFlo 1kWatt

Duct Heater WarmFlo 2.5kWatt

Duct Heater Thermolec for Canadian Applications Meets CSA


Water To Air Coil Heat and Cooling

Water Pump Temperature Controller Tecmar

Water Pump Grundfos Alpha

Commercial Grade Water to Air Coil



Drive Roller and Belt Service

Blower Drive Electronics Board Replacement 2013

Wall Dial Control Wiring and Trouble Shooting