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UltimateAir Exhibits at NY Passive House 2017

Posted on Wed, Jul 05, 2017
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This past June 16th; The UltimateAir team had the pleasure to exhibit at New York Passive House’s annual conference. This was our first year with a booth and I can say that we were greatly appreciative of all the passionate industry advocates and professionals who turned out. In case you have been living under a Passive House rock – New York city has been one municipality who is leading the charge. The cities commitment to low energy buildings is both frugal as well as environmental. A combination of government officials, building experts, architects, engineers, and industry advocates all arrived for the 1-day event and were greeted with some fantastic educational sessions. Our very own Jason Morosko was asked to present on a panel outlining different ventilation strategies utilized in Passive House projects.


Our small corner of the exhibit hall was very crowded throughout the day. Many familiar faces stopped by the UltimateAir booth as well as many new friends. We showed off the new and improved multi-family inspired ER80M technology as well as some of the developments we have in our engineering pipe line. Overall, it was a smashing success of handshakes, laughs, and knowledge.


The UltimateAir team has been exhibiting at the national PHIUS conference for over a decade. We consider ourselves to be one of the original companies operating in this field. Nevertheless, we are always excited to participate in regional conferences whenever possible. Our small size doesn’t always give us the ability to travel but I can say that we will begin adding the NYPH conference to our list of preferred events.

In conclusion; I understand more than anyone how hectic these conferences can be. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the booth – or forgot something about our technology. Feel free to shoot me an email 😊

My list of favorite speakers:

Jason Morosko

Lois Arena

Tim McDonald

Laura Nettleton

Helmut Krapmeier