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Take Advantage of Federal Tax Credits & Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Posted on Fri, Dec 02, 2011

The federal government is currently offering two tax credits to help assist with the total cost of energy efficient products or upgrades.  Both credits require a large initial investment in order to produce years of utility savings. . 

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Why You Want to Live in a NetZero Energy Home

Posted on Thu, May 05, 2011

Rising energy costs are changing the way we think about our homes. More and more, homeowners are looking to invest in building solutions that will maximize natural energy and minimize costs. New home models such as those built with NetZero principles, are fast becoming part of home energy efficiency best practices.

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Ultimate Air Health Risks of Dust Mites, Mold

Posted on Tue, Apr 05, 2011

Dust mites and mold are two common unwanted elements in homes and other buildings that can trigger or worsen asthma and hay fever symptoms. These environmental pollutants can cause wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and breathing problems. In severe cases, dust mites and mold contribute to life-threatening asthma emergencies.

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The Growing Popularity of the Passive House

Posted on Thu, Mar 31, 2011

New international standards for environmental efficiency have ushered in a global consciousness for clean air and energy savings; and homeowners and builders across the globe are paying attention. Developed in Germany, PassiveHaus, or Passive House is the emerging gold standard for energy efficient building, and has gained popularity for successfully saving money in heating and cooling costs while improving indoor air quality.

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