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Posted on Mon, Feb 12, 2018
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Replacement_FiltersNo matter who manufactured your ERV system…it is imperative to remember to clean or replace your filters. If you have an UltimateAir ERV, you should wash your filters every 3-6 months and replace them every 2-3 years depending on the amount of “fraying” that might be taking place. Replacement filters can be ordered directly from UltimateAir; give us a call and we will process this order for you.

Your ventilation system’s filter is the front line of defense for your home’s indoor air quality. Although, outdoor air is generally measured as healthier than interior air, it is important that you have a filter to remove harmful particulate matter. Almost all ERV or HRV systems will have some form of filtration device and UltimateAir units have 6 individual filters “pies”.

For cleaning UltimateAir filters – we recommend a bucket of warm soapy water. Simply place each filter inside the cleaning solution and gently press the filter while repeatedly dunking it into the bucket. It should take 7-10 dunks before the filter is clean. Upon finishing the cleaning process, please allow each individual pie roughly 1 hour to dry before positioning them back inside your ERV system. After cleaning and replacing all the filter pies; insert a small paper clip into the hole above your check filter light (located on the main ERV flow controller). This action will reset the reminder light for another 3 month period.

If you have any questions; check our handy YouTube video with the following link. UltimateAir Filter Service 200DX.

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