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R&D at a Small United States Manufacturer

Posted on Wed, Oct 28, 2015
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Being a relatively small specialty product manufacturer can often put restraints on an engineering staff’s ability to design, build, and ultimately manufacture new technologies. However, UltimateAir has never let these restraints hinder our drive to constantly invent groundbreaking equipment. Over our 20 year history we have proven time and again that small manufacturing is very much alive in North America! In 2014-2015 our engineering team, lead by ventilation expert Jason Morosko, has designed and prototyped 2 different innovative systems. We have exhausted resources and stretched thin budgets in order to constantly reach our goal of offering more efficient options to the high performance building market.


The ER80M Energy Recovery Ventilation system, like most technologies, was first derived in the often crazed heads of our engineering team. The required push to prototype stage came about when UltimateAir was nudged by a United States design/build firm who desperately requested this type of technology. The main idea was to build a highly efficient ERV system which could be affordable, small in size, and easily serviced – three attributes which rarely coincide with one another. The UltimateAir ER80M was finally prototyped in the early summer of this year. We are excited to reach full production in 2016 and ultimately offer the multifamily inspired product alongside our long running 200DX and 2000DX ERV lines.

Conditioning ERV:

As you can probably imagine; anything nicked named the “Magic Box” would present a number of design obstacles for the most steadfast of engineering teams. However, this does not prevent our staff from proceeding full heartedly with this idea. The Conditioning ERV unit, currently heading towards prototype/testing phase, was again industry driven and requested by a number of high performance builders in the United States. The idea behind this technology is to provide an “all in one” system which can actively heat, dehumidify, and ventilate a super insulated structure. By pairing a number of our current technologies alongside a hodgepodge of super efficient products, our engineering staff (with the help of many others!) is nearing a full prototype of our Conditioning ERV.

Overall, these new units will most likely neither make us rich nor famous; but that is never why we got into this business anyway….We look forward to bringing you new products and continuing our work as a United States high efficiency product manufacturer.

Shout Out:

A big thank you to all our partners in the High Performance building segment who continue to support UltimateAir’s efforts. Without your constant diligence in suggesting these types of products, we would never have the motivation to continue our work here. As I like to say at trade shows “UltimateAir’s staff is full of 90% activists and 10% businessmen” – we will not stop pursuing the dream of a more efficient United States and will continue to pioneer new technologies whenever humanly possible.

I urge you to continue your support of US manufacturers who function within the energy efficient construction segment. It is not a trouble-free existence operating in this small niche environment but I believe our efforts will continue to bring about the change our world desperately is searching for. To all of our customers past, present, and future; please continue to design, build, and engineer the types of innovative projects which have already paved our way to a more efficient tomorrow.

Thank You,

Luke Langhals

UltimateAir Inc.

Director of Business Development



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