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Prestigious award for a groundbreaking program!

Posted on Fri, Sep 16, 2016
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It hasn't been long since UltimateAir decided to sponsor and aid in the growth of a Passive House development program focused on state housing authorities. The entire program has been spearheaded by Tim McDonald, President of Onion Flats, who is directly responsible for the recent success. We couldn't be more excited to hear that the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority is being recognized but such a prestigious organization.

The PHFA Project was recently awarded the 2016 Groundbreaker Organizational and Program Award by the Delaware Valley Green Building Council. An excellent award for an excellent program!

UltimateAir is always enthusiastic about supporting any new venture which is seeking to expand the number of United States Passive House and Net Zero constructions. I hope that more state housing authorities follow Pennsylvania’s lead and work to provide residences that are more comfortable, healthy, and efficient – for no extra cost!

Congratulations to everyone involved!