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Passive House Multi-Family 2015 (Weinberg Commons)

Posted on Thu, Jan 14, 2016
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Last November UltimateAir was very excited to see the completion of one of the most exciting projects of 2015. Our friends at ZAVOS Architecture & Design finished their Passive House project named the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Commons.

Located in Washington DC, Weinberg Commons represents a groundbreaking construction which is the first of its kind in the city. The project included three retrofitted Multi-Family buildings totaling 37 two bedroom apartments. The energy demands were kept particularly low by including R-41 dense pack fiberglass, triple pane windows, R-80 attic insulation, and of course Energy Recovery Ventilation units from UltimateAir Inc! Air changes per hour were tested below the Passive House standard of 0.60 ACH50 and the buildings are classified as “Zero Energy” ready (near zero energy use). PHIUS+ certification has been preapproved on one of the buildings, although all three were constructed to meet Passive House criteria.

Our team couldn’t have been more proud to be involved and working with ZA+D Architects has been an absolute pleasure. We hope to see projects such as the Weinberg Commons continue to make headway in the US building market. Yet again we witness a United States project far exceed the standard levels of energy efficiency which are commonly accepted in our industry. Great work to everyone involved and UltimateAir is thrilled to see what the future holds for ZA+D Architects and Washington DC’s hopefully blossoming addiction to Passive House building techniques! Special thanks to Architect Matt Fine for all his dedicated work on this project.

Luke Langhals

Director of Business Development

UltimateAir Inc



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