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NYC, DENVER, & WASHINGTON DC: UltimateAir Hits the Road

Posted on Tue, Jul 19, 2016
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June and July have been very exciting months at UltimateAir. Mainly filled with conferences, expos, forums, and speaking. In early June I had the opportunity to attend the NAPHN (North American Passive House Network) Conference in New York City. 

This was an absolutely fantastic event and represented UltimateAir’s first time having a presence. I can definitely say that we plan to attend again! NAPHN was able to secure a variety of speakers and filled each day with informational sessions. Whenever I become discouraged by the seemingly slow movement in our industry – I can insure that hearing Tim McDonald speak will revitalize my motivation. He was able to do this yet again in NYC and I cannot express enough how great it is to see the Passive House progress he is obtaining in the world of low income housing. Up next was our old friend and visionary Adam Cohen. His message of “let’s stop fighting amongst ourselves” is something that UltimateAir takes to heart. We are constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate with other industries, manufacturers, engineers, and building styles. It is our passion to create products for ANY method of high performance building. To sum up the NAPHN conference, I would encourage anyone interested in low energy buildings to attend next year’s 2017 exhibition. You will not be disappointed in the level of knowledge and real world applications taking place in the United States. The conference even has a Passive House projects tour to show attendees some completed homes which have been built in the local area.  I was able to check out 5 different sites throughout New Jersey and Brooklyn. It was an inspiration to see how the homeowners, builders, and architects were lead to Passive house and the different construction methods they used.




A HUGE shoutout to our fearless tour leader and Passive Homeowner/Builder Darren Macri with Bleu Nest!

A week later I jetted off to Denver in order to collaborate with our local Distributor AE Building Systems. UltimateAir does not work with many third party representatives but we count AE to be among the select few who are truly using building science as a business model. We were able to do a Lunch & Learn thanks to collaboration with Sustainably Built in Boulder. I cannot thank their team enough for organizing everything and corralling a group of true “energy nerds” to hear me speak on ventilation and US manufacturing innovation. Overall, I was humbled by the number of architects, builders, raters, and contractors who made themselves available to hear about UltimateAir’s technology.


Thank You Sustainably Built and the Boulder Public Library for allowing UltimateAir to use your facilities

After being at home base for a week, I left for the 6-hour drive to Washington DC. UltimateAir would be exhibiting at the Congressional Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Expo and I would be speaking in the Low Energy building forum. We were very excited to be attending this event for the first time and it was definitely a different kind of crowed. Normally our booth is packed with inquiring Energy Nerds and passionate builders. However, Washington DC introduced us to the world of political aids, lobbyists, activists, and Government entities. I had a great time speaking with some of my colleagues in the Passive House movement and you can watch any of the informational sessions on EESI’s website. (Environmental and Energy Study Institute) A huge THANK YOU for their team and everything they do to put on such an amazing conference.


In the end – these two months have been a whirlwind of activity. UltimateAir’s new ER80M product has officially hit the assembly line and we are gearing up for the many units we already have on back order. Our next exhibiting opportunity will be the PHIUS conference this September in Philadelphia. Feel free to stop by the booth and say hi to myself or Jason.


Beautitful ER80M Units ready to be shipped. You have to love the new Blue Steel we are incorporating :)

Luke Langhals

Director of Business Development

UltimateAir Inc.


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