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Posted on Thu, May 31, 2012

Recently, the UltimateAir crew got a chance to attend The Kentucky Habitat for Humanity Green Housing Conference. This year the conference was entitled “Beginning With The End In Mind.” On site from from UltimateAir was Jason Morosco who was also a panelist and Craig Kinzelman. The conference focused completely on the use of sustainable energy and green building techniques in ways that maintain housing affordability. The first day of the conference our UltimateAir staff got a great chance to hear some excellent speakers, meet some of the newest innovators in green technology and get hands on experience with the newest designs. The second day Jason and Craig got a chance to show the people one of our RecoupAerator units. It was a perfect opportunity to show people the advantages of having an indoor air filtration and ventilation system and why UltimateAir has all the accommodations for your home or workplace. So you may be wondering, “what's next?”

safe imageWe also took our crew is down in Roanoke, Virginia for The Harnessing Innovation for Energy Efficient Construction Conference. This conference is a grand showcase of the most cutting edge products and processes to achieve the most advanced energy efficient technology. Our engineers will be attending workshops, panels and presentations given by the leading firms, researchers and educators in energy efficiency in the country. Our engineers as well as the rest of our team is getting very excited to learn the state-of-the-art technology to stay ahead of the curve. We are looking forward to coming back from conference with new skills and experience.

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