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Indoor Air Quality Audit: The Living Room

Posted on Wed, Oct 12, 2011

UltimateAir aims to promote health, specifically clean indoor air inside your home. As part of an ongoing "Indoor Air Quality Home Audit" series, we will travel to every room in the home to share best practices and tips to ensure your family is breathing fresh air.

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Because the living room is where our families spend a great deal of time reading, watching television, entertaining guests and eating, it tends to be an area that accumulates risks to our health. Many of these risks are hidden from view, making it all the more dangerous!

Everyone knows the danger of secondhand smoke. But many do not know that the risks do not end when the smoke dissipates and the smell ceases. The toxic chemicals in cigarettes are absorbed by furniture, clothes and curtains.The easiest solution is not to allow people to smoke inside your home.

Additionally, carpets, drapes, furniture and other furnishings may release dangerous toxins into the air. While purchasing solid wooden furniture and low emission furnishings may prevent this, it is not always possible to know which toxins are present or to go out and buy new furnishings. Investing in a product like the RecoupAerator®, which ventilates your entire home, removing toxins from the air so that they are not absorbed, is a wise decision.

Eliminating Dust In Your Living Room

Though air conditioners and humidifiers are meant to make our living rooms more comfortable, they can do more harm than good. If they are not properly maintained, both can breed bacteria and mold. The air conditioner or humidifier then circulates these dangerous micro-organisms around the living room. It is advisable to clean both as often as possible to prevent this. Dust tends to hide in living rooms, on top of cabinets and entertainment centers, and under furniture.

How to Keep Your Living Room Clean

Of course, we cannot throw out all of our furniture… but there are simple steps that can be taken to create a healthier environment.

  • Cleaning the furniture with a damp cloth on a weekly basis eliminates the dust before it accumulates.
  • By reducing clutter, the dust and mites have fewer places to hide.
  • Removing carpets reduces the amount of dust breathed in.
  • Adding the RecoupAerator® a balanced filtration/ventilation system that exhausts dust and airborne pollutants, continuously diluting them while introducing and filtering fresh, outside air into the home.

An audit of your living room is a simple and practical step towards the continued health of your family. 

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