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RecoupAerator Installed in Massachusetts' First Passive House

Posted on Wed, Aug 10, 2011

passivehouseUltimateAir and the RecoupAerator have been featured in the Green Building Advisor’s latest blog article, “Matt Beaton’s Fill-Court Passivhaus Press." 

Built last September, a home in Shewsbury, Massachusetts has become the first certified Passive House in the Bay State. 

The Recoupaertor plays a vital role; because it's so energy efficient, it's contributed to Beaton's home's Passive House U.S. Certification, which was issued in July.

Passive House standards are growing in popularity throughout the United States because of the demand for environmental friendliness, long-term energy savings and exceptional indoor air quality. Because the Passive House is air-tight it is imperative that one has a quality air filtration system installed - and that's where we come in.

These homes will serve as a model for future homes and Ultimate Air was happy to be a part of this project and many more to come.

Read the full article over at Green Building Advisor, and visit for more information.

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