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New Air Quality Study Shows States Lagging Behind

Posted on Wed, Jun 01, 2011

Most ‘Industrial Countries’ have decided there is a link between health issues/ health care costs and residential ventilation, and have mandated all new homes be properly ventilated.  While this is not the case in the US, we do have Ventilation Recommendations (see ASHRAE 62.2).

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Clean Edge, a clean technology-marketing firm, recently published an air quality study with rankings and list of states that have established the most progressive clean air policies.  And some states like California, Oregon, Washington and Massachusetts are among the leaders in promoting mandated residential ventilation, energy saving appliances and healthy living.

While outdoor air pollution can be a concern, the EPA has determined that the air in your home can be up to 5 times worse than the air outside.  Even if you are careful with the products you bring into your home, pollutants can still be present due to furniture and carpet out gassing, pet dander and odor, radon and cleaning and computer products, as well as other paints and chemicals commonly found inside.

UltimateAir is the innovative leader in indoor air quality and has closely monitored issues from new building technology to key legislative policies that impact the quality of air you breathe every day. Technology and traditional principles inform our air quality solutions.

UltimateAir’s RecoupAerator system removes pollutants, stale air and odors from your home and replaces them with fresh, filtered, pollen and mold spore free air from outside.  This whole-house ventilation system also saves the energy you have already paid to heat and cool your home

If you live in states like Alabama, Mississippi or West Virginia – which scored poorly in Clean Edge’s study - shouldn’t you consider an air filtration system that can maintain a healthy, comfortable and safe home environment for your family? Instead of waiting for the government to initiate policies that may take years to implement, control your air quality now with a balanced air ventilation/filtration system.

Get with the clean air program by examining your options for an air filtration/ventilation system, and learning more about our residential RecoupAerator unit.

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