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Caring for Your RecoupAerator

Posted on Mon, May 23, 2011

caring for your recoupaeratorYou are invested in breathing clean, healthy indoor air. That’s why you’ve chosen Ultimate Air’s RecoupAerator--a leading residential fresh air, energy-recovery, filtration system.

The RecoupAerator is a quiet, low-maintenance solution that works behind the scenes, automatically balancing the indoor/outdoor air transfer and trapping unwanted dust particles with minimal effort required from our valued customers. After proper installation, caring for your RecoupAerator becomes a very important step to ensuring it maintains the highest level of performance and service.

For starters, you can keep your RecoupAerator system working properly by maintaining the following three basic components:

  • Aluminum Pre-Filters: The aluminum pre-filters should be cleaned every 3 to 4 months if the system is operated continuously, or every 6 months if not used as frequently. Always turn your RecoupAerator OFF and disconnect the power before performing any kind of maintenance. After powering off your system, unscrew the thumbscrews, remove the metal cover and rectangular EPS blocks and remove the filters (2) to check for build-up and clogging. Soiled filters can be cleaned with warm soapy water or sprayed clean in a tub or basin.
  • Heat Transfer Core Filter (“Pies”): The RecoupAerator comes with a heat transfer core filters shaped like wedges or “pies,” which should be checked every 6 months and cleaned or replaced if necessary. With the system off and the power disconnected, unscrew the thumbscrews, remove the metal cover and rectangular EPS blocks – then check the heat exchange material for build-up. A medium gray or darker color indicates that the heat transfer core filter is in need of cleaning. If cleaning is required, pull out the exposed filter materials (pies) using the plastic cord embedded in each section, manually rotating the wheel to access all the wedges (6 in all). Wash the pies in warm water and squeeze gently to remove excess water. Set the cleaned wedges out to dry by laying them flat. If you have a separate set of filters, then carefully replace them making sure that each wedge is below the lever of the wheel spokes.  If you are replacing cleaned filters make sure they are fully dry before putting them back in place. 
  • Exterior Weather Caps: The last step in caring for your RecoupAerator is to check the exterior weather cap periodically for obstructions such as leaves, grass, snow or bird nests. Simply wipe away debris with a dry cloth.

Because quality indoor air is critical for health, UltimateAir designs products with ease-of-use in mind, offering a guarantee that the RecoupAerator will be free of defects in material and workmanship. Should you experience malfunctions with your unit under normal use within 5 years from the date of purchase, we will repair it in our factory, replace the unit, or provide parts for it to be repaired.

Additionally, we offer easy online warranty registration, and keep you up to date with the latest information on our products.

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