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Why You Want to Live in a NetZero Energy Home

Posted on Thu, May 05, 2011

lighthouse01Rising energy costs are changing the way we think about our homes. More and more, homeowners are looking to invest in building solutions that will maximize natural energy and minimize costs. New home models such as those built with NetZero principles, are fast becoming part of home energy efficiency best practices.

In its simplest terms, a NetZero home is one that can produce at least as much energy as it uses in a given year. This amounts to year-round comfort from natural elements and significant savings in energy costs.

NetZero homes are built with high standards of insulation. Doors and windows are designed to regulate temperature control and to provide air-tight sealing. This contains existing energy inside the home. Without compromising aesthetics, net-zero doors and windows allow for sun exposure to let in natural light during the winter months and block out heat in the summer months.

Unfortunately, having strict standards of air tightness means risking exposure to polluted air trapped inside the home. Indoor air quality is critical for health in buildings where insulation and airtightness make up a strong founding pillar of energy efficiency. In extremely airtight conditions, contaminants such as mold, pet dander and second-hand smoke can threaten air quality and lead to asthma and other more serious health complications.

Continuous ventilation, which can dilute contaminants, is key in our strategy for maintaining the circulation of healthy indoor air. Complimentary to the energy-savings principles of NetZero homes, UltimateAir®’s  RecoupAerator® continuously supplies clean filtered air throughout the home.  

Our home energy efficiency solution contains unique features that contribute to the lowest electrical footprint of any whole-house air filtration system. The RecoupAerator’s two brushless DC electronically commutated (BLDC) motors are used to better convert electricity in to power than AC induction motors. This level of efficiency can be found in the motor’s performance curve.

What’ s more, the EconoCool™ feature works like a whole-house attic fan to bring in cool air at night while filtering the incoming air and saving on A/C costs. When the outside temperature exceeds the thermostat set point, the unit restores its energy recovery function, turning away warm, humid air and keeping the cool air indoors.

As the construction and green building industry evolves towards airtight homes, air quality strategies must keep pace. UltimateAir® is committed to supporting the NetZero home building movement with innovation and products that provide thoughtful ventilation, energy-efficient design and secure indoor air quality for homes constructed to the highest standards of airtightness.

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