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How To Choose An Energy Recovery Ventilator

Posted on Thu, Mar 03, 2011
Not all Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) are alike. Choosing the right ERV impacts the quality of air you breathe and the final cost of your system. It’s important to understand the differences in the most critical areas of performance. Consider these 5 points before investing in an air filtration system:
  • 200DXinteriorEnergy transfer rating– what percentage of outbound energy is transferred to inbound air?
  • Cost-of-Ownership– how much does it cost per year to operate?
  • Moisture transfer efficiency– does the system effectively manage moisture and not just heat?
  • Filtration efficiency– how well does the energy recovery ventilator filter contaminants?
  • Ease of installation and service – is the energy recovery ventilator easy to service?

It begins with fresh air. To ventilate properly, stale air must be exchanged with fresh air from outdoors. Don’t settle for a plug-in system that recirculates stale air. The RecoupAerator is rated MERV 12, in other words as fresh air is brought in to the home, over 95% of the contaminants as small as 1 micronis removed.

It’s also important to install a system that transfers heat, energy, and moisture. The RecoupAerator leads the industry with 96% heat transfer efficiency. Simply put this means that 96% of the heat you paid for is transferred from the air being exhausted back to the incoming fresh air stream. This industry-leading efficiency rating translates in to the lowest cost-of-ownership available in whole-house ERVs. Read more about what makes the RecoupAerator so unique by clicking here.

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