UltimateAir Benefits: Saving Energy

air filtration energy savings

Unlike opening a window, UltimateAir ensures the fresh air entering your home is filtered and at a consitent flow any time of year.

Today, rising energy costs are changing the way we think about our homes. New homes are being built tighter and more energy-efficient. Existing homes are receiving energy-saving retrofits. Unfortunately, tighter homes means polluted air can actually be trapped inside where it can make your family sick.

Adding an fresh air ventilation source to your HVAC solution allows homeowners to build even tighter, saving the homeowner energy without making them sick.

The UltimateAir's® unique high-tech features contribute to the lowest electrical footprint of any whole-house air ventilation system. Having the lowest electrical footprint makes UltimateAir® extremely popular in LEED, Passive House and Zero-Energy projects.

How the RecoupAerator® Saves Energy for Your Home

During typical usage UltimateAir® uses 80 to 90 watts on average. But the important fact is how an UltimateAir ERV recovers up to 99% of the heat energy from the exhausted stale air – highest in the industry by far. 

  • Brushless Motors: the UltimateAir® high recovery efficiency rating is due in part to the use of brushless DC Electronically Commutated (EC) variable speed motors. The motors are brushless meaning the only wear point are the ball bearings which reduce friction & heat production thereby increasing energy efficiency. EC motors are 40% more efficient than standard induction motors.
  • EconoCool: Every UltimateAir ERV includes the standard EconoCool™ feature which works like a whole-house attic fan bringing in cool night air — only better with high filtration. When the EconoCool switch is “ON” and the temperature outside is cooler than inside, UlitimateAIr® brings in cool natural outside air, filtering the fresh air and saving on A/C costs. When the inside temperature reaches its set point, the unit restores its energy recovery function, turning away warm humid air, keeping the cool air indoors. In some regions, EconoCool can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for air conditioning altogether.