Air Filtration Systems for Builders

Builders Who Demand the Best Choose the RecoupAerator


As a builder you're faced with a difficult challenge. You want to build a super-tight home to lower energy costs, but you know that too tight could produce poor indoor air quality and even damage the home. These are serious problems that affect people's quality of life and even represent future legal problems.

The RecoupAerator as An Insurance Policy

The UltimateAir RecoupAerator protects your client– and your business– against unhealthy Indoor Air Quality. Maybe the best news for builders is RecoupAerator's self-balancing feature that eliminates the need for contractors to mechanically balance air flow and pressure. This ensures every system operates perfectly from day one. Callbacks are eliminated and homeowners are more satisfied. As conditions change over time the RecoupAerator automatically adjusts.

Clean indoor air is an important selling feature for any potential homebuyer– who isn't interested in their family's health? According the the EPA, over 20 million people have allergy-like symptoms, providing a large potential customer base for Energy Recovery Ventilators like the RecoupAerator.

RecoupAerator is fully insulated and can be installed in basements or attics. We do recommend installing the unit in a location with easy access to clean and maintain the unit.

ICF & SIP Projects

Whole-wall building systems like Structured Insulated Panels (SIP) and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) eliminate the cavities found in wood frame walls. By eliminating the frame wall, these systems don't hold moisture or foster mold and mildew growth. However, a tighter building shell also removes the home's ability to breathe naturally when air leaks are removed. The air-tight benefit of a whole-wall building system requires a energy recovery ventilator system system to keep indoor air healthy, clean and fresh.

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