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Superior House Ventilation Systems Made in the USA

UltimateAir offers the most energy-efficient whole house ventilation systems with up to 99% energy recovery and MERV 12 air filtration. Let our team get to work and give your home the superior indoor air quality you deserve.


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As air ventilation system manufacturers, we take great pride in our ventilation products that we’ve developed and manufactured in Athens, Ohio since our founding in 1989. The premium, efficient technology developed by UltimateAir is based on two decades of engineering efforts to optimize insulated construction techniques such as Passive House, LEED Platinum, Living Building Challenge, and Net-Zero Energy homes.

UltimateAir Model ER80M

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UltimateAir ventilation systems have been included in many of North America’s most progressive and highly publicized sustainable building projects, something we take great pride in.

Why You Should Choose UltimateAir for Your Home Ventilation System

At UltimateAir, our energy recovery ventilation systems, or ERVs, have been painstakingly designed to be the best in whole house ventilation available, delivering clean, fresh air to your home while avoiding significant loss of heating and cooling energy.

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Some of the key benefits of working with UltimateAir for your house ventilation system needs include the following:

  • Exclusivity – We are the only U.S. company creating residential ERVs, meaning that when you partner with UltimateAir you can receive a ventilation system comparable to what industrial locations utilize to keep their facilities fresh and healthy.
  • Personal Touch – Since we are a small U.S. manufacturer, we’re able to work closely with you to determine and design an ERV system that is a perfect fit for your needs. We’ve worked with hundreds of contractors, builders, and architects all over the United States and internationally and are ready to do the same for you!
  • Custom Solutions – We’re able to provide custom engineering solutions, so no matter what your needs are for a whole house ventilation system, our dedicated engineering team can provide.
  • Premium Efficiency – Our systems offer outstanding performance and incredible efficiency, with the ability to stabilize indoor temperature and humidity better than any other ventilation available using a specialized reusable core material with a third-party recovery rating of up to 99% ASE.
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The Benefits of an UltimateAir System

Selecting one of our ERV units for your home can supply you with a wide variety of key benefits. These include:

  • Filtering and removing allergens, formaldehydes, and other harmful toxins from your home’s air
  • Ensuring your indoor air is fresh, comfortable, and healthy
  • Improving respiration for asthma sufferers
  • Reducing dependency on your AC through EconoCool
  • Mitigating your home’s mold and mildew risk
  • Having to dust less often
  • Reducing cooking, bathroom, and pet odors
  • Extending the life of your home’s HVAC system
  • Being able to sleep better and more soundly
  • Keeping room-to-room climates more consistent

As you can see, choosing UltimateAir as your ERV manufacturer and utilizing one of our efficient whole house ventilation systems can provide you with a wealth of advantages!

Our Systems

Our ERV products include the following models:

  • 200DX ERV RecoupAerator – Features include a variable speed flow range of 30-200 CFM, MERV 12 filtration, Heating Recovery Efficiency (ASE) up to 98%, Cooling Recovery Efficiency (TRE) up to 53%, and more.
  • ER80M ERV RecoupAerator – Features include a variable speed flow range of 20-100 CFM, MERV 12 filtration, Heating Recovery Efficiency (ASE) up to 99%, Cooling Recovery Efficiency (TRE) up to 45%, and more.
  • Custom Solutions – As outlined above, our team is adept at crafting custom solutions for your needs. Reach out to us today with any questions.

To see full product specifications, images, and third-party testing data, visit our products page.


We’re proud to supply our customers with a wide range of accessories to enhance their house ventilation systems. These accessories include:

  • Ducting Kits
  • Heat Transfer Core Filters
  • Ventilation Timers
  • Pressure Control Transmitters
  • 12” Water-to-Air Coil Module
  • High Performance Circulation Pumps
  • Pump Temperature Controls
  • CO2 Ventilation Boosters
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Honeywell Dehumidistats
  • Ceiling Mount Kits
  • Exterior Vent Termination Kits
  • Seiho Diffusers and Hoods

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