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NESEA Building Energy Conference Review

Posted on Sat, Mar 10, 2012

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Reflections of the NESEA Conference

This week, two of our leading members from the UltimateAir crew attended the North Eastern Sustainable Energy Association conference in Boston, Massachusetts. While they were there they learned more about creating green energy construction and attended educational sessions about renewable energy sources. UltimateAir attended the conference to learn more information on how our company can enhance the RecoupAerator ® and bring more innovative qualities to our product.
NESEA Craig 2        Over the weekend, UltimateAir’s Craig and Matt attended the conference bringing our product as well as an open mind. Craig and Matt attended several educational sessions where they learned how to create a product that can operate to filter air in larger spaces. They also learned the importance of air quality in a passive house to improve an overall lifestyle. UltimateAir also got the opportunity to go on a passive house tour where Craig and Matt got the chance to learn the background behind the passive house and new efficient additions being made to the newest passive homes. The tour of the convention showed off many products that are a must in a normal passive home including our product the RecoupeAerator ®. Katrin Klingenberg speaks about the tour in her passive house tour blog. Along with attending important learning sessions, Craig and Matt also had the chance to connect with other businesses to learn their sales strategies and renewable energy ideas for the future.
        We definitely cannot wait until NESEA’s describe the image conference next year but most of all, we cannot wait to set forth our new ideas and designs and get to work. We would like to thank NESEA for the invitation and for the wonderful weekend and Katrin Klingenberg for the much enjoyed passive house tour.



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Miami Valley Home World Show

Posted on Tue, Feb 28, 2012

UltimateAir at the Home Improvement Show

In February, UltimateAir and distributor Energy Wize, describe the imageparticipated at the Miami Valley Home World Show in Dayton, Ohio.  On site, was Greg Wnek of UltimateAir, Wendell Ott and Roger Humell of Energy Wize.

With Spring approaching, home improvement season is right around the corner.  While new additions and kitchen upgrades have traditionally been popular during home improvement season, the Energy Wize and UltimateAir booth saw a stream of visitors looking for something more; that being, a home improvement for quality of life.  Simply put, this home improvement strategy boils down to lowering your home's energy use and improving it’s indoor air quality by providing Whole-House Ventilation.

describe the imageEnergy Wize offers energy audits that gather data from using a thermal imaging camera and a blower door test to pinpoint areas that may need to be sealed or insulated.  Depending on the report and actions followed, it is often recommended that a Whole-House Ventilation System be put in place through using an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) made by UltimateAir.  This allows fresh air from the outdoors into your home's supply ducts while expelling the stuffy, stagnant air outside. At the same time, the ERV retains the heat and energy from the outgoing air stream; a concept in greater need once insulation steps are taken.  A door opening or keeping a few windows open is often times not enough fresh air for people.  Many have said Whole-House Ventilation is like "always having your windows open."  However, instead of having unconditioned or un-filtered air blowing in, the incoming air goes through a filter capturing particulates 1.8 microns or larger, a feature that by itself has been popular among allergy and asthma sufferers.

Nonetheless, the show saw attendees that are now more than ever looking for an improvement strategy that gears toward lowering utility bills and improving health as indoor air quality continues to be a major health risk, one in which is well documented by the EPA.  UltimateAir's ERV is one a few products Energy Wize carries, and they do so because of its energy efficiency and local manufacturing base.  Recently, homeowners are realizing at the end of the day that time is truly their only asset.  Steps taken to spend money on items other than their utility bill has this home improvement strategy becoming popular.  Along with this, the improved health benefits allow the time spent together between loved ones to be an enjoyable experience, an asset that by itself is immeasurable.

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