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Building Energy 2016 Expo and Conference

Posted on Mon, Mar 21, 2016

UltimateAir had the pleasure to exhibit for another year at NESEA’s annual Building Energy 16 conference in Boston, MA. This is truly one of our favorite events to attend and exhibit. Building Energy 16 focuses on bringing together the forefront of sustainable building practitioners and featured a number of excellent projects, technologies, and trade professionals.

The UltimateAir booth featured our new multi-family single unit ER80M ERV for the first time EVER! Naturally the new technology received much attention from attendees and our 2 man booth staff spent countless hours speaking about the new technologies many benefits.

We were happy to see numerous old friends such as industry revolutionary Adam Cohen, PHIUS executive director Katrin Klingenberg, green building maverick Steve Bluestone, as well as many more! The dedication and commitment of these individuals clearly defines what our industry is all about – it is truthfully an honor for UltimateAir to associate with such titans of sustainable construction. I believe that it speaks to NESEA’s continued commitment to attracting the greatest minds from around North America and UltimateAir is humbled to be considered a small piece of the puzzle.

In the end, we hope that we did not miss you at this year’s BE16 conference. If you happened to slip through the cracks -- please send us an email or stop by our booth in 2017!

Keep up the good fight NESEA; you are an inspiration to many.


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NESEA Building Energy Conference Review

Posted on Sat, Mar 10, 2012

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Reflections of the NESEA Conference

This week, two of our leading members from the UltimateAir crew attended the North Eastern Sustainable Energy Association conference in Boston, Massachusetts. While they were there they learned more about creating green energy construction and attended educational sessions about renewable energy sources. UltimateAir attended the conference to learn more information on how our company can enhance the RecoupAerator ® and bring more innovative qualities to our product.
NESEA Craig 2        Over the weekend, UltimateAir’s Craig and Matt attended the conference bringing our product as well as an open mind. Craig and Matt attended several educational sessions where they learned how to create a product that can operate to filter air in larger spaces. They also learned the importance of air quality in a passive house to improve an overall lifestyle. UltimateAir also got the opportunity to go on a passive house tour where Craig and Matt got the chance to learn the background behind the passive house and new efficient additions being made to the newest passive homes. The tour of the convention showed off many products that are a must in a normal passive home including our product the RecoupeAerator ®. Katrin Klingenberg speaks about the tour in her passive house tour blog. Along with attending important learning sessions, Craig and Matt also had the chance to connect with other businesses to learn their sales strategies and renewable energy ideas for the future.
        We definitely cannot wait until NESEA’s describe the image conference next year but most of all, we cannot wait to set forth our new ideas and designs and get to work. We would like to thank NESEA for the invitation and for the wonderful weekend and Katrin Klingenberg for the much enjoyed passive house tour.



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NESEA Building Energy Conference 12 - March 6-8

Posted on Wed, Feb 29, 2012

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NESEA Building Energy Conference 12 - March 6-8

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association will be holding this years Building Energy Conference on March 6-8, 2012 at the Seaport World Trade Center Boston, MA. This building conference will bring together some of the greatest architects, builders, engineers, policy makers and building managers to network and generate future ideas. While at the conference, there will be educational sessions and a world-class trade show that businesses from all over the world will be attending.  UltimateAir’s Matt Baker and Craig Kinzelman will be attending the ten sessions to learn new and improved techniques to complement and enhance The RecoupAerator.

Some of the sessions that we will be attending next week are: Renewable Energy, Green Financing, High Performance Mechanics, Health Care, Game Changers, Renewable Heating and Whole System in Action.  At these sessions we will be learning fresh and innovated designs and concepts to expand The RecoupAerator to its fullest potential. We will be acquiring skills from engineers and designers that are ranked top in the world. After the sessions we will have a chance to attend the trade show to network with other business and hear their ideas. During the conference, we will also have a chance to listen to some successful speakers give their testimonies and their secrets to success. We are all very excited to go and present our ideas to the pubic and our product to the community. Overall, the conference should be a blast!



Check out our friend Katrin Kingenberg's blog on



Come Visit Us at the NESEA Conference!

We will be in booth #438 - Come say hi!!


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