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Posted on Mon, Feb 12, 2018

No matter who manufactured your ERV system…it is imperative to remember to clean or replace your filters. If you have an UltimateAir ERV, you should wash your filters every 3-6 months and replace them every 2-3 years depending on the amount of “fraying” that might be taking place. Replacement filters can be ordered directly from UltimateAir; give us a call and we will process this order for you.

Your ventilation system’s filter is the front line of defense for your home’s indoor air quality. Although, outdoor air is generally measured as healthier than interior air, it is important that you have a filter to remove harmful particulate matter. Almost all ERV or HRV systems will have some form of filtration device and UltimateAir units have 6 individual filters “pies”.

For cleaning UltimateAir filters – we recommend a bucket of warm soapy water. Simply place each filter inside the cleaning solution and gently press the filter while repeatedly dunking it into the bucket. It should take 7-10 dunks before the filter is clean. Upon finishing the cleaning process, please allow each individual pie roughly 1 hour to dry before positioning them back inside your ERV system. After cleaning and replacing all the filter pies; insert a small paper clip into the hole above your check filter light (located on the main ERV flow controller). This action will reset the reminder light for another 3 month period.

If you have any questions; check our handy YouTube video with the following link. UltimateAir Filter Service 200DX.

Luke Langhals

Director of Business Development



UltimateAir Exhibits at NY Passive House 2017

Posted on Wed, Jul 05, 2017

This past June 16th; The UltimateAir team had the pleasure to exhibit at New York Passive House’s annual conference. This was our first year with a booth and I can say that we were greatly appreciative of all the passionate industry advocates and professionals who turned out. In case you have been living under a Passive House rock – New York city has been one municipality who is leading the charge. The cities commitment to low energy buildings is both frugal as well as environmental. A combination of government officials, building experts, architects, engineers, and industry advocates all arrived for the 1-day event and were greeted with some fantastic educational sessions. Our very own Jason Morosko was asked to present on a panel outlining different ventilation strategies utilized in Passive House projects.


Our small corner of the exhibit hall was very crowded throughout the day. Many familiar faces stopped by the UltimateAir booth as well as many new friends. We showed off the new and improved multi-family inspired ER80M technology as well as some of the developments we have in our engineering pipe line. Overall, it was a smashing success of handshakes, laughs, and knowledge.


The UltimateAir team has been exhibiting at the national PHIUS conference for over a decade. We consider ourselves to be one of the original companies operating in this field. Nevertheless, we are always excited to participate in regional conferences whenever possible. Our small size doesn’t always give us the ability to travel but I can say that we will begin adding the NYPH conference to our list of preferred events.

In conclusion; I understand more than anyone how hectic these conferences can be. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the booth – or forgot something about our technology. Feel free to shoot me an email 😊

My list of favorite speakers:

Jason Morosko

Lois Arena

Tim McDonald

Laura Nettleton

Helmut Krapmeier

Prestigious award for a groundbreaking program!

Posted on Fri, Sep 16, 2016

It hasn't been long since UltimateAir decided to sponsor and aid in the growth of a Passive House development program focused on state housing authorities. The entire program has been spearheaded by Tim McDonald, President of Onion Flats, who is directly responsible for the recent success. We couldn't be more excited to hear that the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority is being recognized but such a prestigious organization.

The PHFA Project was recently awarded the 2016 Groundbreaker Organizational and Program Award by the Delaware Valley Green Building Council. An excellent award for an excellent program!

UltimateAir is always enthusiastic about supporting any new venture which is seeking to expand the number of United States Passive House and Net Zero constructions. I hope that more state housing authorities follow Pennsylvania’s lead and work to provide residences that are more comfortable, healthy, and efficient – for no extra cost!

Congratulations to everyone involved!

NYC, DENVER, & WASHINGTON DC: UltimateAir Hits the Road

Posted on Tue, Jul 19, 2016

June and July have been very exciting months at UltimateAir. Mainly filled with conferences, expos, forums, and speaking. In early June I had the opportunity to attend the NAPHN (North American Passive House Network) Conference in New York City. This was an absolutely fantastic event and represented UltimateAir’s first time having a presence. I can definitely say that we plan to attend again! NAPHN was able to secure a variety of speakers and filled each day with informational sessions. Whenever I become discouraged by the seemingly slow movement in our industry – I can insure that hearing Tim McDonald speak will revitalize my motivation. He was able to do this yet again in NYC and I cannot express enough how great it is to see the Passive House progress he is obtaining in the world of low income housing. Up next was our old friend and visionary Adam Cohen. His message of “let’s stop fighting amongst ourselves” is something that UltimateAir takes to heart. We are constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate with other industries, manufacturers, engineers, and building styles. It is our passion to create products for ANY method of high performance building. To sum up the NAPHN conference, I would encourage anyone interested in low energy buildings to attend next year’s 2017 exhibition. You will not be disappointed in the level of knowledge and real world applications taking place in the United States. The conference even has a Passive House projects tour to show attendees some completed homes which have been built in the local area.  I was able to check out 5 different sites throughout New Jersey and Brooklyn. It was an inspiration to see how the homeowners, builders, and architects were lead to Passive house and the different construction methods they used.




A HUGE shoutout to our fearless tour leader and Passive Homeowner/Builder Darren Macri with Bleu Nest!

A week later I jetted off to Denver in order to collaborate with our local Distributor AE Building Systems. UltimateAir does not work with many third party representatives but we count AE to be among the select few who are truly using building science as a business model. We were able to do a Lunch & Learn thanks to collaboration with Sustainably Built in Boulder. I cannot thank their team enough for organizing everything and corralling a group of true “energy nerds” to hear me speak on ventilation and US manufacturing innovation. Overall, I was humbled by the number of architects, builders, raters, and contractors who made themselves available to hear about UltimateAir’s technology.


Thank You Sustainably Built and the Boulder Public Library for allowing UltimateAir to use your facilities

After being at home base for a week, I left for the 6-hour drive to Washington DC. UltimateAir would be exhibiting at the Congressional Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Expo and I would be speaking in the Low Energy building forum. We were very excited to be attending this event for the first time and it was definitely a different kind of crowed. Normally our booth is packed with inquiring Energy Nerds and passionate builders. However, Washington DC introduced us to the world of political aids, lobbyists, activists, and Government entities. I had a great time speaking with some of my colleagues in the Passive House movement and you can watch any of the informational sessions on EESI’s website. (Environmental and Energy Study Institute) A huge THANK YOU for their team and everything they do to put on such an amazing conference.


In the end – these two months have been a whirlwind of activity. UltimateAir’s new ER80M product has officially hit the assembly line and we are gearing up for the many units we already have on back order. Our next exhibiting opportunity will be the PHIUS conference this September in Philadelphia. Feel free to stop by the booth and say hi to myself or Jason.


Beautitful ER80M Units ready to be shipped. You have to love the new Blue Steel we are incorporating :)

Luke Langhals

Director of Business Development

UltimateAir Inc.


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UltimateAir Engineering: So many ideas, So little time!

Posted on Mon, May 09, 2016


Designing innovative products is the backbone of engineering in the high efficiency industry. Great idea’s do not begin with a market strategy – they begin with a team of professionals who formulate a desire of invention and a drive to discover. Nuts, bolts, wires, and fuses do nothing when thrown in a box; but they can accomplish endless possibilities when combined with the human mind.

I can insure you that the process of innovation at UltimateAir is not clean or streamlined. There is no group of engineers in white lab coats. There is no team of marketing professionals creating ads. There is no accounting department tracking each added cost. We are a TEAM and every person here gets their hands dirty in one fashion or the other. We work together, and in unison we bring you the most efficient ventilation products in North America. Thomas Edison once said “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” This is a philosophy that we take to heart and we choose to chase every opportunity. Not for the end goal of profits but rather for the progress of innovation in our industry.

As we move forward with the manufacturing of our new ER80M ERV unit, I encourage you to give us a call. Talk to us about potential applications or let us know what ideas you have for the future. We would love to hear about your next Passive House, Tiny House, LEED construction, Living Building Challenge, Super insulated construction, or any other form of energy efficiency you believe in.

We look forward to working with you.


Luke Langhals

Director of Business Development

UltimateAir Inc.

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Building Energy 2016 Expo and Conference

Posted on Mon, Mar 21, 2016

UltimateAir had the pleasure to exhibit for another year at NESEA’s annual Building Energy 16 conference in Boston, MA. This is truly one of our favorite events to attend and exhibit. Building Energy 16 focuses on bringing together the forefront of sustainable building practitioners and featured a number of excellent projects, technologies, and trade professionals.

The UltimateAir booth featured our new multi-family single unit ER80M ERV for the first time EVER! Naturally the new technology received much attention from attendees and our 2 man booth staff spent countless hours speaking about the new technologies many benefits.

We were happy to see numerous old friends such as industry revolutionary Adam Cohen, PHIUS executive director Katrin Klingenberg, green building maverick Steve Bluestone, as well as many more! The dedication and commitment of these individuals clearly defines what our industry is all about – it is truthfully an honor for UltimateAir to associate with such titans of sustainable construction. I believe that it speaks to NESEA’s continued commitment to attracting the greatest minds from around North America and UltimateAir is humbled to be considered a small piece of the puzzle.

In the end, we hope that we did not miss you at this year’s BE16 conference. If you happened to slip through the cracks -- please send us an email or stop by our booth in 2017!

Keep up the good fight NESEA; you are an inspiration to many.


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Passive House Multi-Family 2015 (Weinberg Commons)

Posted on Thu, Jan 14, 2016

Last November UltimateAir was very excited to see the completion of one of the most exciting projects of 2015. Our friends at ZAVOS Architecture & Design finished their Passive House project named the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Commons.

Located in Washington DC, Weinberg Commons represents a groundbreaking construction which is the first of its kind in the city. The project included three retrofitted Multi-Family buildings totaling 37 two bedroom apartments. The energy demands were kept particularly low by including R-41 dense pack fiberglass, triple pane windows, R-80 attic insulation, and of course Energy Recovery Ventilation units from UltimateAir Inc! Air changes per hour were tested below the Passive House standard of 0.60 ACH50 and the buildings are classified as “Zero Energy” ready (near zero energy use). PHIUS+ certification has been preapproved on one of the buildings, although all three were constructed to meet Passive House criteria.

Our team couldn’t have been more proud to be involved and working with ZA+D Architects has been an absolute pleasure. We hope to see projects such as the Weinberg Commons continue to make headway in the US building market. Yet again we witness a United States project far exceed the standard levels of energy efficiency which are commonly accepted in our industry. Great work to everyone involved and UltimateAir is thrilled to see what the future holds for ZA+D Architects and Washington DC’s hopefully blossoming addiction to Passive House building techniques! Special thanks to Architect Matt Fine for all his dedicated work on this project.

Luke Langhals

Director of Business Development

UltimateAir Inc



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R&D at a Small United States Manufacturer

Posted on Wed, Oct 28, 2015



Being a relatively small specialty product manufacturer can often put restraints on an engineering staff’s ability to design, build, and ultimately manufacture new technologies. However, UltimateAir has never let these restraints hinder our drive to constantly invent groundbreaking equipment. Over our 20 year history we have proven time and again that small manufacturing is very much alive in North America! In 2014-2015 our engineering team, lead by ventilation expert Jason Morosko, has designed and prototyped 2 different innovative systems. We have exhausted resources and stretched thin budgets in order to constantly reach our goal of offering more efficient options to the high performance building market.


The ER80M Energy Recovery Ventilation system, like most technologies, was first derived in the often crazed heads of our engineering team. The required push to prototype stage came about when UltimateAir was nudged by a United States design/build firm who desperately requested this type of technology. The main idea was to build a highly efficient ERV system which could be affordable, small in size, and easily serviced – three attributes which rarely coincide with one another. The UltimateAir ER80M was finally prototyped in the early summer of this year. We are excited to reach full production in 2016 and ultimately offer the multifamily inspired product alongside our long running 200DX and 2000DX ERV lines.

Conditioning ERV:

As you can probably imagine; anything nicked named the “Magic Box” would present a number of design obstacles for the most steadfast of engineering teams. However, this does not prevent our staff from proceeding full heartedly with this idea. The Conditioning ERV unit, currently heading towards prototype/testing phase, was again industry driven and requested by a number of high performance builders in the United States. The idea behind this technology is to provide an “all in one” system which can actively heat, dehumidify, and ventilate a super insulated structure. By pairing a number of our current technologies alongside a hodgepodge of super efficient products, our engineering staff (with the help of many others!) is nearing a full prototype of our Conditioning ERV.

Overall, these new units will most likely neither make us rich nor famous; but that is never why we got into this business anyway….We look forward to bringing you new products and continuing our work as a United States high efficiency product manufacturer.

Shout Out:

A big thank you to all our partners in the High Performance building segment who continue to support UltimateAir’s efforts. Without your constant diligence in suggesting these types of products, we would never have the motivation to continue our work here. As I like to say at trade shows “UltimateAir’s staff is full of 90% activists and 10% businessmen” – we will not stop pursuing the dream of a more efficient United States and will continue to pioneer new technologies whenever humanly possible.

I urge you to continue your support of US manufacturers who function within the energy efficient construction segment. It is not a trouble-free existence operating in this small niche environment but I believe our efforts will continue to bring about the change our world desperately is searching for. To all of our customers past, present, and future; please continue to design, build, and engineer the types of innovative projects which have already paved our way to a more efficient tomorrow.

Thank You,

Luke Langhals

UltimateAir Inc.

Director of Business Development



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Customer Thank You, UltimateAir RecoupAerator November 2013

Posted on Wed, Nov 27, 2013

Customer Thank You, UltimateAir RecoupAerator November 2013

UA thankyou barb nov 2013

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8th Annual North American Passive House Conference & Expo

Posted on Tue, Oct 29, 2013
PHIUS 2013 Jason & Guest

The UltimateAir team was very excited about attending the 8th annual PHIUS conference and expo. From the 16th through 19th of October, the frontrunners of the United States Passive House industry convened on Pittsburgh to share their knowledge, ideas, and desires for growth. Overall, the wealth of knowledge that is transferred at these yearly conferences is imperative to continued development of Passive House construction in the North American market.

PHIUS 2013 Luke booth

Passive House building is the world’s most extensive construction method. By utilizing highly technical building science – the Passive method reduces heat and cooling load by up to 90% over general homes built to “code.” One aspect of obtaining the Passive House standard involves highly efficient recovery ventilation. That is where the team at UltimateAir comes in! Our RecoupAerator ERV technology has been incorporated in dozens of Passive House projects across North America.

Overall, the annual PHIUS conference did not disappoint. We were able to speak with many of our great customers and learn about some amazing Passive House projects that are in the near future. The UltimateAir team is looking forward to this coming year and the continued growth of North America’s Passive House industry.

PHIUS 2013 Henry Arch board

The expo floor was littered with some great informational boards describing recent North American Passive House projects. Always helpful to see real life examples especially when they utilized our RecoupAerator ERV!

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