Clean Indoor Air for Your Home

home air filtration system

Most people assume that home is a place you and your family can feel safe and breathe easy. But just because a home is well built doesn’t make it a healthy home. Without Fresh Air & Filtration, your safe haven may actually be making you sick.

In fact, according to air quality experts, 4 in 10 children develop some form of respiratory ailment resulting from poor indoor air quality.

Reasons to Install the Recoupaerator® Air Filtration/Ventilation System

Ensure an Energy Efficient, Healthy Home

  • Problem: For all those concerned with Indoor Air Quality, and especially allergy or asthma sufferers, you and your family are highly reliant on an air filtration/ventilation system to keep clean air flowing through your home, while exhausting pollutants from the home.
  • Solution: With a 96 percent heat recovery, the RecoupAerator® uses less energy than any other whole-house energy or heat recovery ventilator on the market. With UltimateAir, there's no need to leave windows open, allowing your home to be more safe, secure and fresh even in the most extreme weather.

Capture Air Pollutants

  • Problem: Always an annoyance, lingering odors can also be signs serious of pollutants in your home. From formaldehyde to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and fungi, all can seriously affect your health if not addressed.
  • Solution: The RecoupAerator® will exhaust pollutants from the home; eliminating pollen, mold spores and the residual chemicals from cleaning supplies, paints and adhesives. With a MERV Rating of 12 – categorizing it as a “Superior Residential” product - it can also prevent many dangerous contaminants from even entering your home.

Prevent Moisture Damage

  • Problem: Excess moisture can damage your home as mold growth eventually leads to wood rot. As wood decays it also attracts more insects that require pesticides to control. The most effective way to avoid these problems is to take control of the indoor environment with mechanical ventilation.
  • Solution: The RecoupAerator® can balance indoor vs. outdoor pressure and prevent mold from growing within your home's walls, which can cause lingering illnesses and restless nights. This feature is exclusive to the RecoupAerator®, as many of our competitors do not address the balancing of air pressure, which varies in importance throughout the United States.

Protection from Extreme Humidity

  • Problem: When air is exhausted from a home, an equal amount of outdoor air must replace it. An exhaust-only approach doesn’t properly control humidity levels and could create a possible back drafting of combustion appliances that could increase CO2 levels.
  • Solution: The RecoupAerator® is the only air filtration system in its class to have both an exhaust fan and a fresh air supply fan. Pressure remains properly balanced, resulting in clean indoor air all year-round without the need to make manual seasonal adjustments.

UltimateAir Technology

The UltiamteAir RecoupAerator® constantly exchanges the air in your home with fresh filtered air, while maintaining desired temperature and humidity. No matter what the season, your home is comfortable, clean, and fresh.

Read about the technology behind the RecoupAerator® that keeps the air in your home clean.