ERV: Energy Recovery Ventilation

UltimateAir ventilation brings fresh air into your home without losing heating or cooling energy. Ventilation is essential to today's buildings. UltimateAir has designed the most energy efficient whole-house ventilation & filtration products available since 1989. Designed to continuously exchange the stale air in your home with healthy, fresh, highly filtered air. UltimateAir ventilation removes toxins and allergens which would otherwise become trapped in your home all year round. UltimateAir stabilizes indoor temperature and humidity bettter than any other ERV available using a specialized reusable core material with a third-party recovery rating of 98% ASE. UltimateAir is the most energy efficient ERV in the world and the only ERV company owned and Made In The United States!

How it Helps:

  • Filters and removes allergens, formaldehydes, and other toxins
  • describe the imageImproves respiration for asthma sufferers
  • Reduces dependency on the AC thru EconoCool
  • Reduces cooking, bathroom, and pet odors
  • Mitigates mold risk


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